Safe travels, Pierre-Emmanuel: a recap on Pierre-Emmanuel’s experience in the soil biogeochemistry laboratory

Today we say goodbye to our hardworking friend Pierre-Emmanuel (PE). We were lucky to have him join our group in January and he has done a fantastic job working in the soil biogeochemistry lab. While we are sad to see him go, PE reminded us to be happy for him, as he has learned many things working with different researchers in the group.

PE has had the opportunity to work with Paul, Frederic, Preston, Sylvie, and myself (Brittany), and gain experience practicing a host of laboratory techniques used in soil biogeochemistry. PE participated in:

  • Oribatid mite and earthworm identification using a Leica M165-C stereomicroscope
  • Soil sample grinding using a Retsch MM200 ball mill grinder
  • Sample weighing for total organic carbon and nitrogen analysis at the University of Alberta’s Natural Resources Analytical Lab (NRAL)
  • Evacuate vials for CO2 analysis on the GC (see “Laboratory” for specific equipment information).
  • Soil pH measurements using a Accument XL200 pH meter
  • Various soil physics experiments including the use of hydrometers and WP4C water potential meter.

When asked what his favorite part about working in the soil biogeochemistry lab, he replied


He followed up by saying the professional environment of the lab is enhanced by the approachable and helpful members he was able to work with.

Aside from working in the soil biogeochemistry lab, PE participated in ice hockey and The Outdoors club, and he really embraced all that Alberta has to offer.

With that, we say “Goodbye, instant noodles!” by having a potluck to treat PE to a proper meal upon his departure to his home in the North of France (he was known around the lab for having, lets say, the most basic lunches). From everyone in the lab, we will miss your hardworking and upbeat attitude. Best of luck in all future endeavors!

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Welcome Pierre-Emmanuel!

We would like to welcome our newest visiting student, Pierre-Emmanuel, to the Soil Biogeochemistry Group! He is from Lille, France and is studying at the University of Lorraine in Nancy. He will working with us on various projects here in Edmonton until June.